Mick O’Rourke – Leitrim Sports Partnership & Carrick Rowing – Sports Preview – Episode 144

This week on the Sports Preview show, Breifne is talking to Mick O’Rourke, chairperson of the Local Sports Partnership about their structures, activities and the recent sports star awards. We start with a conversation about his involvement with Carrick Rowing club and their Head of the Shannon event tomorrow.

Mick talks to Breifne about the community feeling within the Rowing Club, the difference between the Regatta in August and this winter longer form version of the sport.

With almost 200 crews and 600 athletes taking part in the 3,500m long event with two time trials taking place at 11am and 2pm tomorrow from south of the town back towards the boardwalk in the town.

As well as a number of other festival events taking place in the Dock, the Market Yard and around the town ahead of Christmas, there will be a carnival atmosphere along the banks of the river centred at the rowing club premises at Boat House Bay.

Volunteers, mainly parents within the club will be responsible for creating an amazing festival of food and flavours, the proceeds of which greatly help the club to run the sport in the region each and every year.

Wearing his Sports Partnership hat, Mick discusses the formation of the group and the various sports which are represented around the board table, the work done on the ground by the staff of the partnership and the impact the organisation have made in the ten years since it was created.

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