Wayne Denniston – Kiss My Arts: Episode 146

This week for “Kiss My Arts”, playwright and actor Wayne Denniston is in the hotseat to talk about his recent rehearsed reading of ‘The Arignaramus’ and his latest project ‘The Two Virgins’.

We last heard from Wayne ahead of Culture Night where Conor Lambert performed a rehearsed reading of his one man show “The Arignaramus” to a packed audience.

He talks to us about writing radio dramas and the PPI Award he received 12 years ago, early in his career which encouraged him to pursue his drama dreams. Hitting a purple patch with his play “Oul Horny” which was written in 2014 about tickets to the Garth Brooks concerts which hit lightning in a bottle when the shows were cancelled and it was the story on everyone’s lips.

Wayne talks about the experience of seeing his work being interpreted by actors and allowing each of the actors to bring their own features and quirks to the characters.

Next up for Wayne is a one man show called “The Two Virgins”, a one man show he will be both writing and performing himself in the second half of next year.

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