Episode 76: Kiss My Arts – Conor Bredin

Today on ‘Kiss My Arts’ Breifne is joined by Conor Bredin from Manorhamilton who has just released his first book ‘The Longest Night’, we’ll be chatting about his writing journey, his first book and his online project.

Conor talks about his migration from New York to Manorhamilton as a 4 year old child of a Leitrim father and sounded like a local within the first week of junior infants. He chatted about his experience of writing short stories and amateur drama through his youth in school in the north Leitrim town.

In his early twenties he participated in the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, and over the course of November 2014 he wrote a 50,000 word novel and refound his love for writing. After a reality check from his partner he realised he’d never be a published author if he didn’t write anything, he re-entered into NaNoWriMo in 2016 and developed the basis for what would become ‘The Longest Night’.

He discusses the process behind his writing and how a routine of setting the alarm clock an hour earlier gave him the space and time to grow his draft into the finished book by August 2019. He speaks about the writers group and the editor who helped him shape the story.

‘The Longest Night’ is a supernatural thriller set in modern day Ireland which brings three characters into each other’s world to stop a madman from gaining unspeakable power and is available on www.thelongestdaybook.com

Conor also outlines a competition to write a 1,000 word flash fiction short story. Closing date is 30th September with a signed copy of Conor’s book, ‘The Longest Night’, as the prize for his favourite story. Your prompt is a ‘Love Story’ at any place or town in Co. Leitrim with a broken teapot featured in the story. Closing date is the 30th September and simply email your 1,000 word short story to either conor@magicofastory.com or info@leitrimdaily.com to be in the competition.

You can read Conor’s story ‘The Woman in the Shawl‘ on his website Magic of a Story. I give him the prompt of a Slasher story based in Manorhamilton with a Keyring as a feature.

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