Episode 69: Kiss My Arts – Nicola Kearns

This week Breifne is joined by Ballinamore based writer Nicola Kearns, the bestselling author of the Maltese Saga trilogy.

She shares the story of her love of writing from a young age and how she started writing articles and letters for women’s magazines which was the first time she was paid for writing something.

While her first book “Under A Maltese Sky” was relatively successful but having announced the second book’s title “The Azure Window” she found herself in an online comment storm after the collapse of the international renowned geological feature in Malta which had given it’s name to her second title.

The result was international exposure and coverage for her work which put both her books to the top of the charts in numerous categories and countries. Her third book brought the story up to the current day and completed the trilogy.

She talks about the writing community in Leitrim and how she has received so much support from her colleagues across the county and now relishes the opportunity to return that favour to aspiring writers who approach her for advice and assistance.

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