Episode 114: The Glens Centre – Kiss My Arts

This week on Kiss My Arts we are in The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton to take a look around the venue with the director of the theatre Brendan Murray.

Fresh from our live recording in the space ahead of the county final a few weeks ago Breifne returns to the scene of the crime to take a more in depth look at the history and origin of the facility in the North Leitrim venue.

Brendan speaks about how a group of forward thinking locals converted the old Methodist church into a fully fledged arts centre in the town for the benefit of the arts community and theatrical groups in and around Manorhamilton.

A Dublin native, Brendan tells us a little about his experience working in the Arts in Galway and Belmullet prior to his 18 months in Manorhamilton.

He shares with us about where the facilities income comes from and the reliance on public funding and rental income on top of a box office which brings in a relatively small proportion of the overall income of the theatre, which is community owned and relies heavily on input and support from the entire community around the town.

Brendan concludes by bringing us on a virtual tour of the building and the resources which are available to the theatre and their partners including overnight accommodation, meeting rooms, work spaces and offices.

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