Episode 65: In Focus – Jobs Fair

There’s a common myth which is widely held that there aren’t any jobs in Leitrim, that young people have no option put to pick up sticks and go further afield to gain a decent education and gainful employment.

While we might not have a third level institution within the county boundaries we certainly make up for it with the relative number and calibre of jobs which are available around the county.

Breifne made a couple of internet searches this week and found a wide range of jobs around the county suited for professionals, skilled workers and casual job seekers alike.

Today on our first ever Jobs Fair show, he is joined by a number of the employers offering positions or working to recruit workers for those roles. From senior accountancy roles, engineering positions and highly skilled carpentry roles to casual hospitality roles there are plenty of opportunities in the county for anyone looking for work.

All of those roles included in the show today can be viewed and applied for on our new Jobs Board at: https://www.leitrimdaily.com/jobs/

Interestingly enough despite a call for potential candidates to showcase their experience, qualifications and willingness to work we drew a complete blank.

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