Episode 59: In Focus – Fenagh

This week Breifne takes a trip to the sleepy village of Fenagh to find there is more than meets the eye to the settlement. Full of history and folklore there are more stories surrounding the town than you would believe.

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Local tour guide Nicola Kearns joins him to show him around from Dolmens to Graveyards, Abbeys and Churches there is a story under every rock in the town.

From the original monastic settlement of St. Caillin to the ruins of the two abbeys near to the current Church of Ireland.

Nicola introduces the history and some of the stories behind some of the people who were buried in the various graveyards around the village from IRA revenge killings after the Selton Hill ambush to murderous priests who arranged the murder of the local doctor who knew too much, victims of Auchwitz to the babies buried in the ‘Angels Garden’.

Nicola explains who has the right to be buried inside the walls of the old Abbey and as the legend goes, obtain your place directly in heaven.

Breifne who had grown up visiting this graveyard, with his grandparents and great-grandparents both buried in the village learned even more about the heritage and history of the centuries old religious settlement which dates back for thousands of years.

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