Episode 3: Paul Kilgallon & Fit Kicks

Kicking off our “In Focus” series Breifne recently visited Fit Kicks Gym in Mohill and it’s owner Paul Kilgallon. They discuss his twenties where he piled on weight and really struggled with his fitness.

An incident with his year old son Jamie when he wasn’t fit enough to catch him as he ran directly towards the lake when playing in the park saw him get in shape over three years. He had done real damage to his waistline after a decade of drinking, eating and gambling his way through his twenties without any major exercise.

Mainly to get away from the gang related attacks that had claimed an innocent bystanders life in a drive by shooting in his neighbourhood in Dublin, Paul and his wife Martina moved to Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan as part of his work with Paddy Power. He was made redundant in 2009 and found himself out of work, newly married with their first baby on the way.

After an extended period of unemployment he took on an opportunity to get back to work with a Community Employment Scheme with the Local Sports Partnership in Leitrim he got himself back on track.

One fateful morning in April 2017 where his family lost their grandfather and sister in the space of a single hour resulted in a renewed focus in his life, moving away from running fitness classes from the back of his car to the establishment of his permanent facility in Mohill which has gone from strength to strength ever since.

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