Paschal Mooney – General Election Review – A Current Affair: Episode 182

Having laid out the political situation ahead of the General Election, former Fianna Fail Senator and Leitrim County Councillor Paschal Mooney returns to the show to see how his predictions went down.

Today’s episode is brought to you in association with Local Enterprise Office Leitrim’s Local Enterprise Week from the 2nd – 6th March 2020.

We look at the results of the Sligo / Leitrim constituency, his take on the fall out with the winners and the losers locally and nationally after a strange few weeks on the campaign trail.

Paschal discusses the likely make up of the next government of the country, what options are there for the major players after all the seats have been won. We look at the newly elected local TD’s and their likelihood to be included in their party’s front bench or even the cabinet itself after the dust settles in the next few weeks.

He also explores the possiblity of another General Election in the very near future given the way the numbers have fallen with any combination of the top three parties falling just shy of the 80 seats required to form a solid programme for government.

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