Episode 88: A Current Affair – Enda McGloin

This week the county has been discussing the arrival of a new property tax increase approved by the county council. Council Chairman Enda McGloin joins Breifne to discuss the logic behind it and the progress it will encourage within the county.

Cllr McGloin talks about the current opportunities for the County Council to obtain government funding for development projects. Each of those projects require matched funding from the council coffers which at the current levels of property tax income just don’t exist at the moment.

Enda talks about a number of projects which have missed out on government funding for a variety of reasons including not being ‘shovel ready’ with planning permission approved and matched funding available. This tax increase should make those situations fewer and far between across the county and enable projects like the SLNCR and Cavan Leitrim Greenway projects become closer to reality.

He showcases the development of tourism numbers and tourism related businesses in the Drumshanbo area since the advent of the Shannon Blueway from Leitrim Village along the Lough Allen Canal and talks about how similar projects in Waterford and Mayo have proven the concept and how Leitrim towns will benefit from similar projects.

95% of Leitrim homeowners will see a small property tax increase of €13.50 or €33.75 (to €103.50 & €258.75) depending on which band they fall in. A further 3% will see their rate rise by €47.25 (to €362.25), with only 2% of the county’s homeowners (properties worth more than €200,000) seeing a larger increase.

Colm Keane of the Leitrim Enterprise Fund also joins Breifne to discuss the Josie Martin Scholarship programme which closes for applications on Monday. First year third level students can apply to their local credit union and be entered into a draw for a cash prize of €1,000. This scholarship offer is open to current and new credit union members regardless of the length of their membership.

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