Episode 75: A Current Affair – Thomas Mulligan

This week on ‘A Current Affair’ Breifne Earley is joined by Mohill based councillor Thomas Mulligan to discuss his re-election to the county council and what’s been keeping him busy over the last four months.

He discusses the subtle changes in the role of a county councillor in the last five years since 2014 when he lost the seat he first won in the town back in 1985.

Cllr Mulligan shares about how many years ago the local community in Mohill gathered after a local tragedy, the death of Philly McGuinness, to attempt to harness the community spirit shown in the town and the result was the Mohill Community Network which has been developing projects around the town ever since with some flagship projects to clean up and tidy the town as well as providing recreational facilities and promoting the town in general.

He speaks about the impact of the SMART Green Mohill strategy to make Mohill more efficient in terms of energy use and offer a greener and cleaner town to residents and commercial ventures alike.

We discussed the notorious murder of Dr. Muldoon in the town almost 100 years ago, which has been the subject matter for a new book launched last week. Thomas shares the gist of the story with us on the show.

They discuss the news of the withdrawal of Sligo Cllr Sinead Maguire from the Fine Gael ticket at the upcoming general election. Having already lost former TD and Senator Gerry Reynolds from the process just a few weeks ago the party seems to be in turmoil in the constituency. Thomas outlines some of the options which might be available to the party in the coming weeks and months.

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