Episode 55: A Current Affair – Ita Reynolds Flynn & Flo Beo

On this week’s episode of A Current Affair Breifne is joined by Cllr Ita Reynolds Flynn to discuss the issues affecting the people in her area and the main issues she’s been working on in her first three months on the council.

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She explains how despite her short career as a councillor she’s had a lifetime of an apprenticeship in politics within the Reynolds family in Ballinamore. She talks about her role as treasurer of the Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities.

Ita highlighted the issue of school buses in Gortletteragh with the story of one local family being forced to send their child to a Longford school due to unavailability of space on the local school bus.

They chat about the role of policing with the new CCTV cameras installed in Carrick on Shannon recently and the support to the social events such as the recent festival in Ballinamore.

Breifne also sat down with two of the members of Fló Beo, the first attempt by any women to swim the length of the River Shannon. There efforts have been disrupted by very poor weather conditions making it unsafe for the swimmers and their support crews to be in the water especially in the large lakes of Lough Ree and Lough Derg.

In a somewhat emotional interview Eileen Maxwell and Toni McGlynn discuss their plans to get back in the water today and get their momentum back in the challenge to create their own little part of history.

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