Episode 25: A Current Affair – Paddy O’Rourke & Brendan Barry

This week Paddy O’Rourke and Brendan Barry joined Breifne to discuss some of the important issues currently being discussed around the county.

First up was the issue of unfinished housing estates where disputes between the council and developers have resulted in residents being left without basic facilities such as street lights, surfaced roads, etc.

The issue of falling prices for cattle and sheep was raised as a potential issue for farmers coming down the tracks in the coming months as farmers seek to sell their livestock as normal but will find problems in securing a fair price for their animals already hammered by the effects of the Brexit issue.

Paddy talked about the problems for the entire agricultural industry in the county from this can’t be under estimated. The direct and indirect employment on farms, in livestock sales and the spin off businesses in our communities is still a large portion of the population.

They discussed the issue of home help and the very limited resources. He raised his view that the new norm is that families have to pay for their own home help and his concern that the HSE are developing a situation where a subsidised contribution may be the norm in the future.

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