Episode 128: John McCartin – A Current Affair

It’s been a particularly tough few months for the directors and leadership group of Quinn Industrial Holdings. The chairman of the QIH board of directors, John McCartin, joins Breifne Earley to discuss how 2019 has developed for him.

A recent local representative, business owner and musician McCartin talks about his love of music, launching a traditional music album with Carlos Sweeney McCartin, getting to play music with his long time hero Donal Lunney, his departure from public representation after stepping down at the local elections and the death of his mother before he was thrown into the national limelight when his QIH colleague Kevin Lunney was abducted, tortured and left for dead on the side of a rural Irish road.

John explains why and how he got involved with QIH after the collapse of the company in the financial meltdown. The threat of loss of businesses and employment to a very rural area of West Cavan and East Leitrim was too big a threat for John and after an encounter with the management team he was invited to become part of QBRC to take over the business and as a priority to maintain the companies in the region.

He details the campaign of intimidation and threats that has been ongoing for almost 5 years around the region and the company and it’s directors culminating with the Kevin Lunney abduction and torture. He explains how well Kevin is doing now after his ordeal and that he has returned to work with his priority the survival of the company and the preservation of the jobs in the region.

He talks about the effect of this campaign and what impact it’s having on his wife and children on a daily basis and the daily reality of living with a threat to his life hanging in the air with a necessity to have a heightened awareness of his surroundings at all times.

Breifne and John discussed the input of the Gardai and PSNI since Lunney’s abduction resulting in the surgical raids on a number of properties across three countries in recent days, resulting in the death of one of the main suspects for the attack.

McCartin talks about the growth which had been enjoyed within QIH in the four years since the company was taken over from 600 to 840 jobs in the West Cavan, East Leitrim area.

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