Episode 101: Leitrim Local Enterprise Office

This week for ‘A Current Affair’ Joe Lowe of the Leitrim Local Enterprise Office (LEO) drops into a familiar setting, his old office in The Hive which is now home to the ‘Leitrim Daily’ office and studio.

Breifne chats to him about the role that the LEO plays in the development of new and growing enterprises in the county.

From education, business planning, support, mentoring and financial supports the LEO really is a one stop shop for embryonic and new businesses in the county.

Joe goes in depth into the various schemes and programmes which aims to foster the great entrepreneurial spirit which exists around the county and the various networks which drives collaborations between enterprises.

The various awards including the Student Enterprise Awards and Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Awards also get a mention as opportunities to learn more about your business and showcase your products and services to a wider audience both inside and outside the county.

Watch on YouTube here:

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