Dr. Domhnall Heron, Dr. Alan Loftus & Cllr Enda McGloin – Covid-19 – A Current Affair: Episode 199

Today’s show is focusing on the Covid-19 pandemic which has taken control of pretty much the entire planet at the moment. We hear from local doctors, Dr. Domhnall Heron and Dr. Alan Loftus about the impact locally and from the Chairman of Leitrim County Council, Cllr Enda McGloin, about the impact on services and the changes that have been made to the operations of the County Council.

Dr. Domhnall Heron (6:00), who has been to the fore of raising the discussion in recent weeks with open letters to the government which have featured heavily on the front pages of the Leitrim Observer for each of the last two weeks.

He joins Breifne to discuss the situation and some of the nationwide steps that are required to keep the health service functional and able to cope with the inevitable spike in resources which is headed our way.

He speaks about the experience we have seen play out in China and India and what we can learn from their mistakes and try to ‘flatten the curve’ to where we the HSE can cope.

He proposes that the Government should take the advice of the WHO Executive Director, Dr. Michael Ryan to protect our citizens and act now to protect our citizens.

Breifne also speaks to Dr. Alan Loftus (19:30), a GP based in Drumshanbo, about the impact the pandemic and the hysteria around it has had on the day to day running of a health centre in the county. He shares very simple advice on when and how to engage your doctor if you are concerned in any way about your own health.

He also mentions the importance of looking out for mental health concerns in our communities with the nature of isolation in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, the Chairman of Leitrim County Council, Councillor Enda McGloin, joins Breifne to discuss the reality of how the County Council is conducting it’s work, having closed it’s offices to the public and moving all services to phone and online. Details are available on their social media accounts and websites.

Breifne also asks him to explain the economic effect on people and companies based in the county in terms of the various taxes payable to the local authority.

For all advice and current policy please refer to www.hse.ie and follow all guidelines for the good of all members of our community.

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