Brendan Boyle Insurance Claims

 Professional Services / Posted 11 months ago

Making an insurance claim on a home, business or agricultural policy can be very stressful and time consuming at the best of times, and we can remove this stress by dealing direct with your insurer from start to finish and will deal with all aspects of the claims process for you. Brendan will ensure you receive the full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your policy.

Contact us as soon as the incident/accident occurs so we can set you off on the right path to a successful and rewarding outcome to your claim.

We provide a range of services including public loss assessing, claims consultation and pre-loss surveys to examine your property and policy.

  • Residential Claims
  • Commercial Claims
  • Agricultural & Forestry  Claims
  • Value at Risk Survey
  • Broker Assistance
  • Solicitor Service & Third Party Claims
  • Tradesman Assistance
  • Trade Associations/SME’s
  • Property Management/Maintenance

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 9AM – 6PM
Sat – Sun Closed