FREE Advertising Offer for Leitrim Businesses

We know it’s a tough time for local businesses and we at Leitrim Daily want to do our little bit to help you all out.

We need to ensure that our businesses especially our small and medium sized family run enterprises are supported as much as possible through the next little while.

We’re building a list of local businesses that need our communities support at and we want to add as many Leitrim based and focused companies to our list. We’ve suspended our monthly charges for all our local businesses and we’re offering completely free advertising until 4 weeks after the national lockdown ends.

There’s no catch, no contract, you can cancel at any point and pay nothing until 4 weeks after the end of the lockdown. If you choose to stick around, advertise with us and support our work, your monthly subscription will start then, and only then. Alternatively, drop us an email to or text (083) 4853420 and we’ll help you and your business get set up on the site.

(There are other perks besides the online listing involved in the standard business package including job and event listings as well as in show mentions but we’ll let you know about all of that in due course.)

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